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Creative Talents

Some of the people Peter Thillaye has worked with closely over the past twenty years include: Michael O'Farrell, Alan Geldart, Bruno Degazio, Sue Conley, Leon Johnson and Michel Bordeleau.

Peter Thillaye's core Toronto team of award-winning sound editors includes: Ed Douglas, Lan Tran, Chris Miller, Sue Fawcett, Karl Mohr, with foley by Andy Malcolm and his impressive crew at Footsteps Post-production Sound Inc.

Location sound recordists include: Chris Miller, Tom McMurtry and Thierry Morlaas-Lurbe.

Picture editor: Tom McMurtry.

Mixing talent includes Thillaye in-house premixing maestro Ed Douglas as well as industry talents Cory Mandel, Don White, Gavin Fernades, Andrew Tay and Keith Elliott.

Thillaye often extends his reach over the Québec border to form collaborations with Michel Bordeleau's Montréal team, Les Productions Audio-FX.

Some of the key IMAX directors and producers Thillaye has worked with include: Stephen Low, Toni Myers, Judy Carroll, Howard Hall, Diane Roberts, David Douglas, David Lickley & Drew Fellman.

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Thillaye Productions One-Sheet

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Download a printer-friendly PDF of our one-sheet outlining our accomplishments.

Visit Peter Thillaye's IMDB listing for a list of completed projects.

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